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I fixed some Apple problems!

MacBook Pro random crashing due to graphics card

Seeing as I get so much information from the Internet that helps me fix my issues, I thought I would repeat them here so they might help anyone else that stumbles across the same issue.

I have a mid-2010 Macbook Pro that began to suffer from more and more frequent random crashes and restarts. When submitting the error to Apple, the code seem to be pointing to something to do with the graphic processing. Searching the Net brings up scores of pages indeed point to the same sort of issue that many users had. A lot of people had the problem and seemingly from all the diagnostics and analysis, it became a known problem by Apple. The solder/glue that held the graphics card in place would break down over time due to the heat and cause it to fail.

This month Apple launched a repair program aimed at addressing these issue, but for people with 2011 models onwards.

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Whisky night at the Larder House

The Larder House has had many theme nights before but they have generally been midweek meaning I didn't get a chance to go but this one was on a Friday so I took the opportunity to try it out. Whisky expert Colin Dunn would be speaking there and I knew the food would be good.

It was a tight squeeze as we all huddled in the front of the restaurant, with all the tables pushed aside, waiting for things to start at 8pm. There was a bagpiper standing by the door but he must have already played by the time we got there as he didn't make another appearance that evening.

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The 5:2 weight loss thing

The 5:2 thing.

I think it is better to not call it a diet or a fasting programme. That makes it all too easy to be dismissed by those that haven't done it or have failed on previous diet plans., whilst fasting equates to starving oneself.

All I can say is that it just works. I'm not saying it is easy as it is changing the habits of a lifetime, but it is a different approach and once you get your head around it and feel the benefits then that mental connection means it is easier to maintain. For me anyway.

It's not for everyone though, this is purely my own view and experience.

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