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Congratulations to Jason and Clarabella Wong

We haven't been to a wedding for ages. Most of our friends are married now, and a few even divorced.

So, it was nice to have been invited to Jason's wedding who I know from being a student at my karate club for a short while, so even touched by being invited.

So, congratulations to Jason and his wife Clarabella, and welcome back to the UK!

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Aviator Hotel

Just had an enjoyable stay at the Aviator Hotel in Farnborough. I think it is the best hotel room we have been in so far. (The Dome House in the Lake District doesn't count as that was a B&B)

We did have a missing dinner reservation on Saturday but that was the only glitch as they squeezed us in straight away and nothing else was an issue.

Having joined up communications really does lift the service element. How else did they know to have candles lit and the lights on in the room ready for us as we opened the door. I doubt they would leave candles burning away all day long in the hope of catching us at the right time. How else did they know to do our room whilst we were at breakfast so when we returned it had all been done?

They do have online specials and I probably waited two years to get the right deal at the right time, but worth waiting for. We booked one of the Aviator Studios facing the airport but got upgraded to a Sky Suite, although they didn't say but I compare the facilities listed on their website. It might have been the fact that they had a big party on the Saturday night in their Sky-Lounge and moved us further across.

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A drinks cabinet with my name on it

Usually I am not a one for gifts and presents. A childhood thing, don't ask, so birthdays and Christmas are just an annoyance - bah humbug and all that.

I probably spend time over recent years on keeping family, staff and clients happy that it was a really welcome surprise that I was given a gift that brought a big smile to my face as you can see in the photograph.


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The Lulworth Door Trip

When the summer holidays are over it makes like so much easier for us to drive across to West Dorset and take in some of the most beautiful scenery around the UK. Driving around is easier and parking easier also.

One nice day out is to drive to Wareham for a short stop and look around. They have a market down by the Quay on Saturdays, which also as a nice riverside walk as well as bars for food and drink.

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Swanage Steam Train

After all these years of living in Dorset I have finally made it onto the Swanage steam train. It was pretty fun taking the short journey over to Corfe Castle and back. Worth doing once and something to take friends onto who are visiting the area.

Website: Swanage Railway