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Larder House Pig Night - August 2015

Following on from the Seafood Night only two days earlier, it was back again to the Larder House for a Pig Night that would include a 3 course meal and a demonstration on butchering half a pig.

This would be a bone crunching, sawing, cutting graphic affair so not for the faint-hearted but definitely one for those that appreciate food and where it comes from. The pig’s head sitting proud on the cutting table gave everyone a nice warm welcome.

Chef and James chopping a pig at the Larder House

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Larder House Seafood night - August 2015

This was a Wednesday night, a “school night”, and it was a busy week as on Friday I’d be back at the Larder House for their pig butchery night.

Given it wasn’t cheap, I allowed myself a cup-a-soup at work for lunch in readiness for the night’s feasting.

We were sat out in the courtyard, with about 20 of us joining in. Now with the huge glass doors in place, it means it is a lot more comfortable as the heating lamps have a fighting chance of keeping us warm as opposed to a the smallest of breezes taking it all away.

James set up the display of the night’s lovely goodies. I come from a seafood family so this was just wonderful. All set out for us to see there were large brown crabs, lobster, langoustine, oysters, razor clams, scallops and mussels. A touch of samphire and lemons to complete the display and we are ready.

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Furleigh Estate Wine Tour

English wines is big news these days. Quality is way ahead of what it was and now the sparkling wines are challenging and beating the best of France.

We took a trip over to Furleigh Estate when my cousin Mary and her friend Sue were over for one of their tasting events. We have previously been to Wickham Vineyards before and that was an enjoyable little tour that was done without a guide, just with headphones.

Furleigh Estate is just North of Bridport and a good hour and 20+ away from Bournemouth. The large barn conversion was a nice open space to enter and had plenty of tables for people come the tasting part. At Wickham, because you could turn up any time, the tasting was down by the counter when we were there because of smaller numbers.

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FB Pocket Orchestra

I'm going to make a mention of one of our favourite bands of Angela and me. She plays it most days and must drive our hotel guests to distraction, but actually they love it as well.

The little trio is call the FB Pocket Orchestra and they play 1920's ragtime, swing jazz, or however you want to define it.

We first saw them play up in the Library of Liquor on Angela's birthday night at the Larder House and now keep catching them at Chaplins Bar (in Boscombe) where they play at the end of the month, and back at the Larder House every now and again. It's nice that they take time to chat to us when they see us, and don't think we are weirdo stalkers!

You can get their music on iTunes as well as on CD from the band themselves when you go along...

Some videos on YouTube of the band: At The Vyne 2013, at Chaplins Bar 2015.

Website: FB Pocket Orchestra

Twitter: FBPocketOrch

Why I love Southbourne

I had a great time over the weekend of June 20/21 and really cemented why we love living in Southbourne so much.

Besides the fact that it is so close to the road links and rail links to get out of Bournemouth, it is also a great location where prices still represent good value albeit in the right places, but I get the feeling that it is going to shoot up and have its own boom time very soon. The TV programme Location, Location, Location" may have something to do with it but we knew all along...

It all started off on the Friday night at my fave place, The Larder House, as it usually does. A couple of drinks in the courtyard to begin, now that the weather is being nice to us, and then into the main restaurant for dinner.

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