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Ocean City dim sum is back on!

The Ocean City restaurant is now back in the hands of the original team. We are so glad, glad that dim sum is back on the menu whilst the previous team did a moonlight flit, and glad the old faces are back in town.

Happy Chinese New Year

So soon after the last post, it is Happy Chinese New Year.

Year of the Horse. Reminds me, I still have some in the fridge that a friend brought back across from France, that wasn't in an Iceland mince pie.

Happy New Year everyone

Cheers everyone and all the best for 2014.

5:2 diet...

With all the food entries and Tweets and Facebook updates around food you'd be surprised that I am trying this. I don't think I am necessarily getting that close to the 600 calories on the two days, but it is definitely closer to that than what I would previously ram down.

With all the eating recently I was strangely looking forward to the fasting days.

So, how much food are you wasting over Xmas?

I can see it already, cheese being thrown in the bin, yet another Xmas pudding will go the same way and not to say that there was already another one on the shelf from last year when we had three. There's only two of us.

So much food gets wasted normally throughout the year and recent news has highlighted the large supermarkets and their 2-for-1 offers.

Not only is it wasteful throwing away food but it costs money as well. 7 million tonnes of food thrown out each year.

I better get back to my chicken and gammon leftovers. When I say leftovers, I mean we only had about 15% of the huge piece of gammon. Arggh.