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This holds favourite recipes and other useful information on food and drink related items.

Admit it, we all love a pizza, fish and chips, or any form of takeaway now and again. Most places also do those "Compass Kebabs" which even after 15 pints, once they land in your palm, amazingly it guides you home! Now that's magic.

Bars, pubs and drinking dens we have been to. Where to get the best Mojito's, champagne and a drop of the old vino.

Obviously there are a lot of Bournemouth restaurants listed here seeing as we live here. Don't take these as out-and-out reviews by any means, it's just me recording where I've been so when dementia sets in I can remind myself.

I always like to hear when people visit somewhere based on a recommendation here. Please do drop me an e-mail and let me know how it went or if you have a suggestion that you think I should try.

Better still, if you have a web site or blog, why not stick a link to this website or to a specific restaurant page.

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