Two of my shirts have quite a meaning behind them. Somehow my wardrobe gravitates to stripy shirts. I don’t know if a conscious thing or price driven by Internet sales.

One represents resilience and another represents change. Not as Woo Woo as it might sound.

Back when Next catalogues were a thing, a big deal - de rigueur shopping before Internet shopping was a glint in anyone’s eye, I bought a green stripy shirt that has lasted a lifetime. Is it really a lifetime when I am still alive?

Miroslav Lucan is an artist, designer and photographer that has built a reputation for his street art murals. Born in the Czech Republic, he has now found home in Bournemouth for the past 15 years.

The inspiration behind commissioning Miroslav was a desire to build a connection between "place and people", within the local context of Dorset. For my company Datacenta Hosting, this was more than just decorating a clinical work unit with colour.

In with the old

I now have an old Nissan Leaf fully electric car, an older 2012 model. Bought it for fun and to understand how it all works, as in how it fits into work life along with the pros and cons. I wanted to see whether by using it to make my daily drive to work, to the shops and to teach karate, whether I can also keep my gas guzzling Mazda CX-7 and be cost-neutral.

The owner of the garage had already told me that it might say 90 miles as the range, but 70 is more realistic. I can accept that, given the age of the car and its batteries.

I had only zipped around town for the first 3 days and only got it fully charged for Saturday morning. It declared a range of 90 miles. I popped over to Christchurch for an order of KFC's 20 wing bucket and could see the 90 coming down pretty quickly to 70 something in no time at all.

Mark Cribb presents Humans of Hospitality Live


Mark kindly invited me and Angela to come to his Humans of Hospitality Live event, named after his podcast. In the podcast he travels the UK interviewing people from the hospitality trade, drinks distillers, food suppliers and industry organisations in order to give you a different take on what it takes to serve a fantastic meal in a restaurant or to provide a great hospitality experience.

We had our 2019 staff Christmas lunch over at the Pig Hotel in Brockenhurst and had a great time there.

Logistically not the easiest for all of us to get to. Trains for some, some drove and then acted as a taxi to the station and back. I also left my car as I needed to take a box of presents in and collected it two days after.

I wanted to go there because it was different and a lovely setting. I also wanted people to take a walk around the hotel's amazing veg and herb gardens, as well as seeing the pigs. We were so busy having a fun time that we missed out on that.

We had the Green Room, a private dining space that can seat up to 14 people, and keep our noise fun and shenannigans away from the main restaurant. We were well looked after by the one member of staff, who I have now learnt was working his first day serving.