There is so much that we haven't done in Dorset that is on our doorstep, even though we moved here in 1996.

I haven't been inside Corfe Castle yet, only did the Swanage steam train last year, been for one long walk from Eype over the lovely West Dorset hills, sat down on Durdle Door beach this year and the unfinished list goes on.

So, this weekend we had friends visiting and wanted to take advantage of the surprise sunshine and head off for the day. Well, after attending a children's birthday at Farmer Palmers Farm Park, which is usually great fun and we got to see the pig race this time.

We went to Lulworth Cove first, which is always a treat. Can be very busy at times, but even in October, November when the tourists have gone, it is still a nice place to visit on a clear day. Then, we sought out the village of Tyneham. It's been mentioned to us before and as we were near and also on the way back to Swanage, we took a drive up the windy narrow road towards it. Be ready to pull into the side of the road to squeeze past each other's cars.

There is a huge car park at the end of the road. Strangely huge seeing as Tyneham village bit is actually pretty small. It is very much a historical oddity as opposed to a tourist attraction per se. It is an eery collection of remains of several houses, along with a complete school building and church.

The surround area was taken by the army as in World War 2 and the residents had to be evacuated. The land is used for the military firing ranges.

It is worth going to see. it's not just the village that you can walk around, there is a dairy farmhouse with toilets and a picnic tables for public use.

Also, as a reward for a 20 minute walk, you can get to Worbarrow bay. A lovely beach, although not fine golden sand, but somewhere that is not going to be too busy given the effort to get there but has a great view and shallow waters. There is nothing else there though, no facilities or cafe so you need to bring everything.

As the area is part of the MoD land, you need to check on opening times as it can be closed to public access.