The 2021 Sunflowers of Southbourne campaign is live and backed by Lewis-Manning Hospice Care.

Last year, you lovely SoBo people came together for the Sunflowers of Southbourne campaign, as a fun way to come out of the first lockdown with a splash of colour in our streets.

It was lovely to see people sharing tips and progress. The children got involved too and were so proud of their plants. So, in 2021 we want to do this again and make it bigger.

I have 1000 packets of seeds provided by Lewis-Manning Hospice Care and want to get as many streets as possible participating in this lovely endeavour. It will be a reminder of what we have gone through and a celebration of what we are coming through to.

It is also a reminder of the charity sector and the continuing services that they provide, and a small donation will be a fitting tribute to support those that need a little extra help. I’m sure Lewis-Manning won’t mind me saying that whether you give to them or a charity of your own choosing, anything will be most appreciated.

Just Giving link for donations or feel free to donate via any other method you wish such as via their shops, in collection boxes or direct.

If any local business wants to take a small batch to offer out, please let me know. I will have some point of sales items.

I will also be up on Southbourne Green for people to grab a packet or two. I won’t have a donations box as I don’t want people to feel obliged in anyway. Let’s bring on the colour together.

A video about the previous campaign is here

Have created a new Facebook Page for Sunflowers of Southbourne.