I was pretty chuffed when I did my first interview with Rupert back in the summer as part of kicking off the Sobo Mile project in earnest.

It was pretty raw and basic but I learnt a few things along the way with regards to setting up, recording and editing video. This isn't my job so just doing the best I can, but it's getting a bit better.

Anyway, during the first interview he hinted at launching a new product but because the commercials hadn't been signed, he couldn't talk about it. I said I'd like to come back and get the first video interview with him once it is public. He graciously gave me some time in busy December for me to pop in and catch up.

Rupert talks about this new collaboration with the RNLI on a Navy Strength Gin, about a Port Barrel aged gin that he didn't even hint at last time so that was more of a surprise when I saw it launched. There's also other design upgrades that he talks about in the video. Enjoy.