I've ventured further afield for my latest little local foodie video. This time it is the Pokesdown Mile, ha ha.

Hopefully other people will pick up on doing something for say the Charminster Mile or the Winton Mile.

I really wanted to do something for the end of November so that people could get some ideas for drinks to go with their Christmas Day meal, but things didn't line up locally in Southbourne. I contacted Jim who said yes at the drop of a hat and I was able to get this video out three days before Christmas. Anyway, it doesn't matter whether it is Christmas or not as Jim's suggestions work equally well for any celebration dinner, or if you just want one bottle to enjoy.

 Jim covers sparkling wines that help to start the day off with a bucks fizz using a Prosecco for example and something a bit more to kick off the main dinner. A Cremant d'Alsace makes an interesting alternative.

There's a range of white wines that even includes a Chardonnay as the top end pick. Then a few red wines in the form of a Rioja, a Malbec and a stunning blend.

To go with dessert there is a sweet dessert wine, a port and a amaretto. The nightcap comes in as a cognac.