The Random AF sessions, as in Random As Fong.

One challenge I set myself was to play a vinyl set and for people to see the glory of all my awkwardness. Confidence building but actually it's a lot more.

I used to love playing my CDs but then it fizzled out. Partly the pandemic and partly because I need to redecorate the living room with units that can take all the music. So much in boxes now and more vinyl has arrived.

I bought a mixer and another turnable. These are home turntables, belt driven and one even has it so you have to lift the platter up to change. Doesn't matter, I got the old vinyl out and started playing between them and love the process of continual play, but also the small bit of stress trying to dig out what next to play, what mood am I in, who else is in the front room, and get it all lined up before the playing track ends.

I also love a bit of word play, or to have a connection between one track and the next, no matter how tenuous it is, or if it is an in-joke with myself.

So, this is the third attempt once I sorted out an RCA to USB audio convertor to record onto my laptop with OBS.