Gordon with a robot dog next to him

2023 has been such a blur from a business perspective, so much so that it took a 6 hour hostage situation with my business partner, chained to a lot of cheese, which was the deal breaker as usually you can't get 15 minutes with him, to come out with any sense.

Calling it growing pains is to soften the real impact it has had on people. However, it is the biggest opportunity that we have been faced with over the past 20+ years.

In building this Collaboration Nerve Centre over at the Dorset Innovation Park, it will mark, or hopefully mark our final milestone on our business journey in seeing it through to fruition and sustainability.

2023 has been the bulk of the preparation and 2024 should see the initial electrical impulses to bring it to life. I do live near Mary Shelley's theatre hence why that analogy has dropped.

All those things that I have been talking about for a while, if you ever follow my LinkedIn profile or Twitter posts, the job creation, the local community angle, taking Digital to new opportunities, businesses and entrepreneurs pivoting or seizing new sectors, and how for us as a business we have travelled the Digital -> Data -> Defence path. The D3 of D3IP (D3 Innovation Park).

I thing I need to do a lot more in 2024 is reading. Am so good at buying the book but not so good at opening them up, There is a Japanese word for that - Tsundoku.