Cheers Big Ears
Here's to 2006. Cheers.

Now for the detox and cold Winter jogging.

Bar Casa
Photos from the gathering at Bar Casa

My steak was nice but Angela's duck breast turned out to be more like a rugby ball. Having said that they do put on a good spread for the money, even throwing in loads of party extras like cameras, balloons, poppers (of the party type and not the sniffing variety) and hats!

A little bit of fun for you lot with time on your hands. Upload a photo of you friend or enemy and this site creates an online flash movie of fun and high jinx.


Haven't had Sasaprilla since I was a kid. I get bottles of this from Waitrose in Westbourne. A very grown up adult's soft drink. Not overly sweet so it is just right.

Made by Bundaberg in Australia.

Whilst listening to Jonathon Ross's Radio 2 show on Saturday, they talked about a project that installs roundabouts for children to play on in Africa. The magic part of it is that it also acts as a pump that is extracting water from wells below. Very ingenious use of low technology and human effort.

You can see more about the project's work in Africa here: Roundabout, The Playpump.

You can also donate, but there is no need to dig any extra into your pocket as if you want a bottle of water, you can simply purchase the ONE brand. All profits go to fund the project. Click for more information on ONE Water.