This is me mate Duncan's next bar that has just opened recently in Jesmond. I thought I would drop in seeing as he was getting the drinks in all night. You don't have to be up-yourself to drink here. Cool hangout for people to take in a few beers and listen to the live band playing jazz-funk or some tunes by the DJ.

Decor is retro-chic with chairs, settees, lampshades and brik-brak dating all the way back to the 70's and 80's. I even saw one of the brown spiky clocks that used to adorn our house.

Mr Lynch web site

Cream DVDManaged to catch the last part of their reunion concert. I am going to have to get the DVD so I can watch it all from start to finish. Form what I saw, Clapton, Baker and Bruce were on top form. it also shows that drugs and alcohol can take their effect on your looks. Clapton looks the freshest and healthiest of them all.

Never too sure on drum solos but what the heck, 30-odd years since the last time they played, we'll let them off.

Click for DVD of Cream playing at the Albert Hall

Did you see it last night? How awkward was it for that Jennifer to squirm for an hour whilst it seeemed as if the whole place was rooting-tooting for Kelly. At one point she couldn't sink into her seat any further. That was tough. I didn't want her to win but it was a bit much to endure that!

Japanese Food - SushiJust ordered some stuff from Mount Fuji which is a UK online store specialising in Japanese food and stuff. Very efficient service and a good range of items. I got a party pack of Japanese beers and snacks, which included some interesting things including a dark beer I am looking forward to trying. They did miss off a pack of edamame from the order but they apologised and promptly put one in the post. Now that is what you should expect as customer service.

Seafood Week
Seafood Week
Oct 7-14 2005 is UK National Seafood Week.

Luckily a new Loch Fyne restaurant has opened in Canford Cliffs, Poole so hopefully I will get a chance to sample another big platter and a bottle of wine. I had one of these at their Portsmouth restaurant and it was like being in heaven.

Alternatively get one online and save a mini-fortune. Check out Ramus Seafoods for their platters delivered next day. Don't worry they are shipped in polystyrene packaging with an ice-gel pack to keep things cold. We had one of these down on the beach for one of our anniversaries.