Thank fcuk for that! I don't think I could go through another Kronenbourg fueled playoff-palava with extra time and penalties. Not only do I get too stressed out doon the local pub, I literally can't see by the end of the game!

Well done lads.

Sunderland AFC

Well actually she gets to keep her current job that she has been acting on. Well done missus, or should I say Ward Sister, Clinical Leader or whatever of the Royal Bournemouth Hospital.

More champagne it is then.

Seeing as Angela was away I had a chance to watch Zatoichi without any disturbance from questions all the way through or fidgetting away from all the scenes of swordplay. I thought it was a really good movie with a good storyline that had some twists. It wasn't overly stylised in the fight scenes. It just got back to basics. There was humour as well and I found myself laughing out loud to daft comic things.

If you want the DVD you can get Zatoichi from Amazon UK but I got mine from CD-WOW which can be great for Asian movies.

Beach Bar B QAngela and I were talking over the weekend and thought we need to get some beach bar-b-q action on the go very soon. The smell of blackened semi-raw sausages, the downing of copious amounts of booze, rolling around in the sand and swimming in the water. You know you love it.

Maybe a bit too chilly at the moment but I reckon come the end of April or beginning of May we should be cooking on coal.

Let us know when you are around or not around, then we can pencil something in.

We were up in Leicester visiting the in-laws over the weekend. Went to the Leicester Chinese Community celebrations for Chinese New Year. Normally I am not a great fan of these kind of things but actually I was pleasantly surprised as it was OK. One saving grace was the fact that they had professional acrobats there doing Shaolin Kung Fu, balancing acts, a bit of Peking opera and so on.