It's always hard to find a garage or mechanics that you can trust to do your car servicing without getting ripped right off by them whenever possible.

I have been using Clay Motors in Winton for a few years now and have been more than happy with them and would thoroughly recommend them.

Unit 2, 35 Withermoor Road , Winton, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH9 2NU

Now all booked up to fly to Philadelphia in April with Duncan Fisher to visit Steve Clark. Having said we would for the past X number of years, we (I) finally got my credit card out a booked with BA for a 4 night visit.

Bring on that seafood that's all I can say. Hopefully the exchange rate will stay just as high. Might even be able to see my brother Graham out there.

Did you catch the Jump Britain programme on Channel 4 last night?


Too old to do all that myself but some of those jumps and stunts those guys, sometimes called free runners, do were amazing. Very impressed and stylish. You may have seen some of the action on previous ads for the BBC channels.


Urban Free Flow have a web site detailing the culture and practice.


Click for a DVD of Jump London.

Click for a DVD of Jump Britain.

You can get further information from the useful links below: - by one of the founders
Wikipedia definition of Parkour
Foucan - another founder

You can donate to the Tsunami disaster fund via which makes things a bit easier as I have found the site down a few times.

I've contributed through here. Just make sure you click the tickbox at the end which means they get the UK Tax relief as well.

If you want to see the awesome power of the tsunami there are some videos on this link: Tsunami Videos, that should make you think about the damage it has caused to lives and property.