Well, happy Chinese New Year at that. I'll be sinking a few Guinesses to celebrate in traditional ethnic stylee!

Top of the morning and a Jim Beam stir fry to ya. That's how we did it in our university days. The orginal and the best.

So what does the year of the Rooster bring in store? Chicken and plenty of it!

At last Angela's brother Hung graduates from Uni of Central England.

We were there for his graduation ceremony. Quite funny to see the person reading out the names tackle a whole array of ethnic names, and the antics of a few just to stand out from the crowd when shaking the main man's hand.

Photos up in the gallery here: Hung Le Graduation Photos.

Whilst up in Leicester we went to Yasmin's 40th birthday party. The curry was excellent and we drank till 2am. Hooray.

Photos here: Yasmin photos.

A bit gruesome but fascinating watching. This is where the controversial Dr Von Hagens does a public dissection to a brave audience, and shown on TV.

Has put me off eating Lamb Shanks for a while seeing as he was messing around with the leg bones and muscles, and that was the picture I had in my head.

Channel 4 Anatomy for Beginners

It's always hard to find a garage or mechanics that you can trust to do your car servicing without getting ripped right off by them whenever possible.

I have been using Clay Motors in Winton for a few years now and have been more than happy with them and would thoroughly recommend them.

Unit 2, 35 Withermoor Road , Winton, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH9 2NU