Red Arrows 2005
The Red Arrows visit Bournemouth again during a hot summer's afternoon. It was their usual crisp show and luckily the clouds stayed away enough to complete the show unlike last year. They finished just in time before the dark rain clouds came over.

Bournemouth BBQ
Cooking with... coal
Unfortunately most of the lads are away for Rich Philip's stag weekend in Berlin (the German city) as opposed to Berlins (the Bournemouth nightclub). However, it will still go ahead for the Friday night, 6pm onwards at the usual place. The fireworks should be on that night.

Bring some warm clothing for latrer on though. I suspect it will be cold by then.

Bring your own disposable BBQ, food, drink and Speedos!

Lagos, Portugal
Trying to get home at 3am.
Me and Angela went to Lagos in Portugal for a week. Me for karate training and Angela for the sun. It was over 30 degrees most days, although at 6.30am it was pretty cool for when I had to run up and down a huge cliff by the beach.

The food was excellent. I probably had my fill of squid kebabs by the end of the week. The monkfish and cataplana was extremely nice as well. So cheap, about £7 or £8 compared to £15 in the UK for similar stuff.

The barman in the bar/restaurant we went to mostly, must have been sick when they saw the sight of us. With Peter in tow, he would normally be there till after 2am. I could only do it one night but needed the sleep. The night that photo was taken, I only had about 3 hours sleep and then had to wake up and run up the blasted hill again, before going into the sea. That was refreshing though.

I have checked this out and it is not an internet hoax like many other stuff like it. Don't believe the rubbish about it being a virus neither.

The East Anglian Ambulance service started of an idea about entering a specific phonebook entry into your mobile phone and calling it ICE (In case of emergency) and using a number for your next of kin or someone you would like contacting first should anything happen.

ICE - Mobile Phone Entry

Seems like a good idea to me. Especially given the times we are in.

The only pain I found is that if the ICE number is the same as another phonebook entry, the phone may just end up displaying that number instead of the usual expected name. So what I did was just to put (ICE) after the name and just have the one number saved.

The newly weds Emma and Stuart Kohring were down over the weekend so it was champagne all round.

We went to Funki Sushi for dinner and it was really good. We had the sushi platter which was top notch. I also ordered the seared steak sashimi. This time round it wasn't as good. Seemed to have got seared a bit too much and was not as rare as it probably should.