Courtesy of Vic Young car sales in South Shields, Angela gets her new (well used) Nissan Almera. Ahh, that lovely air con to keep cool in this hot steamy British summer!

Now I don't need to catch the bus and walk up Poole Hill getting all sweaty on the way to work!

Having the benefit of Freeview, I flicked around the other events, instead of just watching the main Hyde Park concert. Initially the Eden Project event looked very bare as the crowd at the front wasn't more than about 10 deep in the afternoon. By the night it was much more packed.

There was an excellent band from Senegal called Daara J doing African Hip Hop that got the crowd bouncing and joining in, probably more so than in London. The BBC have a page on the band as well.

Wrasse Records always seem to have a great list of artists on its books.

Funniest moment was watching Snoop Dogg shouting out "Make some mother f*cking noise!" then the camera pans to a 6 year old girl on her dads shoulders waving her hands up in the air.

Got back about 3am this morning after watching Coldplay at Crystal Palace stadium last night. It was excellent.

Top tip for people who want to go to concerts at Crystal Palace: you don't even have to buy a ticket, just turn up, sit on the grassy hills around and you'll get to hear all the concert and in a few places you can even get a birds eye view of the whole stage and inside the stadium. They even put on toilets and food stalls for people outside the stadium!

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Urban Monkey
Daniel saw my article on Parkour/Freerunning and kindly dropped me a link to his site. You can check out some of his moves and links to some acrobatic martial arts stuff.