Once the sun came out from behind the clouds it was fine. We initially thought there'd only be about 6 to 8 of us which would have been cosy but another 6 turned up, so cheers for the confirmation!

Mark Hopwood even went into the (freezing cold) water. Respect. I chickened out seeing as nobody else goes in, so I was outdone on this occassion.

Anyway, the next one will be on Friday August 26th. The fireworks will be shooting of the Pier/s. Unfortunately it is Rich P's stag weekend over in Berlin's many strip bars so there will be a contingent missing. So, pencil it in.

Unfortunately the weather is not going to be as hot as Friday's but heck at 6pm it doesn't really matter. Get down to Tesco/Asda/Sainsbury, fight off the other shoppers and pick up the 2 for 1 bargain grill packs.

The bar-b spot has been booked so it's 6pm down at the bottom of Toft Zig Zag.

We are planning to hold our customary May Bank Holiday bar-b-que on Sunday 29th. From 6pm at the usual place at the bottom of the Toft Zig-Zag stairs.

Bring your own disposable bar-b's, food and drink.

Fingers crossed that the weather will be good and the water is warm.